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Breakfast in Bed

January 6th, 2018




Tips for Preparing Breakfast in Bed


This one is for all who thinks that there is a relation between happiness and breakfast. Breakfast does makes us happy, this is a major fact for some of us!


When the most important meal of the day is served in bed, it creates special and unforgettable moments. You can create this scene on a birthday, weekend, holiday or any Sunday. We want to offer some tips for a beautiful ambiance to create for yourself or loved ones.


Prepare the Look


Now we will prepare one of the most liked scenes of Instagram.


First of all, your bed needs to look comfortable and attractive. For beds that does not have a head, we’ll need more than one pillow. Place your biggest pillow first, add the others. Then let the relaxing feeling of your soft sheet and pillow cases take you away.


Keep a blanket or a throw with you from the beginning, to make sure you don’t get up before you start watching a movie, after you’re done with eating!


Serve with Joy


On the tray, place a little vase with flowers inside, to make the look nicer and more colorful. Don’t forget to have a hand towel with you, we can always pour on ourselves a bit :)


For the ones who prefer more elegant look, we offer tray covers. Thin and boutique laces always add shine in our decorations. Of course, this detail is valid for glass or cup bottoms, too. Last item to complete this setting is a napkin which you’ll choose according to your dantela or sheet color. For sure, we’d offer to use your napkins with napkinholders.


Last but not least, place one or two candles by your side to make the room more peaceful and cosy.


Decide on the Menu


And the main part! Because it’s an off-day, breakfast preparing process should not make you wake up early. So choose easy-to-make food for your menu. Eggs, avocado, pancakes and fruits always makes it more fun. Plus, orange juice is essential to have Vitamin C. Coffee or tea smell should be with you by right now.